Trade Design aims at spreading and implementing Trade Marketing best practices through a strategic partnership connection with its clients.

Since 2013, Trade Design has been covering all regions in Brazil, facing challenges in different industries and markets. Moreover, it has strong presence in educational institutions, as well as joining and organizing events on Market and Consumption related subjects. 

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Tania Zahar Miné

“We act on both ends, promoting the development of the individual and the organizations.”

RETAIL LAB ESPM - pioneers in Brazil, every day ESPM’s Retail Lab receives employees from companies of a wide range of segments. They use the facilities as a test and learning environment

INSIGHTS INTO ACTION - in this workshop, we guide participants in an immersion into the Shopper to further develop insights for their categories – joining experience + theory + creativity!

CLASSROOM AND TRADE VISIT - we believe that the best way to challenge preconceived ideas and promote learning is joining concept with practice.

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